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…you have some tough and complex challenges to address and solve and have the whole system in the room.

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Group problem solving can depress people when they focus on what’s wrong and how they can fix the problem. Energised people are more creative, outcome focused.

I watched Gervase Bushe's generative images video a few days ago, so I couldn't help to react to "images of potential" mentioned in this video, starting at 21:56: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWpd1kRNxaQ

> Ron came to an interesting conclusion, he concluded – in the mid 1950s – that group problem solving was depressing people, and he wanted to energise people. So he started experimenting with, what he called, images of potential. Instead of saying "What's wrong and how we fix it?", he began to ask the question "What is the possibility here, and who cares? Who's excited about new possibilities?"


Ask questions like, “What is the possibility here, and who cares? Who's excited about new possibilities?”, rather than saying, “What's wrong and how we fix it?”

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Facts about "Images of potential"
Goalinnovatively, creatively and energetically improve the whole system +
PearlWhole system in the room +
SoAsk questions like “What is the possibility here? So what? Who cares? Who is exited about the possibilities?” +
ThemeDon’t just do something, stand there! +
WishEnergised people working on outcomes and healthy systems. +