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Authors of books, articles, video, audio, imagery. Any form of artistic expression.

Preferably a real person. Avoid institutions or groups.

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A Pattern Language +Christopher Alexander  +
A3 solver +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Actionable behavioural metrics one-pager +Eric Ries  +
Agile Documentation +Scott Ambler  +, Andreas Ruping  +
Agile architect +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Agile development: the people factor +Jim Highsmith  +, Alistair Cockburn  +
Align initiative +United States Marines Corps  +
Allies experience differences +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Ambiguity test +Tom Gilb  +, Kai Gilb  +
Analogs and antilogs +Randy Komisar  +
Andon cord +Jeff Sutherland  +
Anyone else? +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Are in +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Ask-tell spectrum +Max Landsberg  +
Babushka of value +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Belief statement +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Blocker waiting room +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Boom buffer +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Change +Seth Godin  +, Esther Derby  +
Clarifying go-around +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Coach +David J. Anderson  +, Max Landsberg  +
Coaching self-assessment +Max Landsberg  +
Common ground +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Consent +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Constellation exercise +Lyssa Adkins  +
Culture +Dan Meznick  +, John Shook  +
Curious coach +Socrates  +
Customer segment pivot +Eric Ries  +
Daily clean code +ScrumPLoP  +
Decentral control +United States Marines Corps  +, Donald Reinertsen  +
Dee Hock +Dee Hock  +
Definition of done +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Dependable authority +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Differentiate to integrate +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Don’t just do something, stand there! +Esther Derby  +, Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +,
Don’t just do something, stand there!/Facilitate +Marvin Weisbord  +
Elegant checklist +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Emotional intelligence +Daniel Goleman  +
Expert interview +Sharon Bowman  +
Flow +Dan Pink  +
Focus on focus off +Esther Derby  +, Diana Larsen  +
Foreign glimpses +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Four rooms of change +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Friends with anxiety +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Gilb’s 10 Agile Principles +Tom Gilb  +
Goal +Frank Heckman  +
Home +Christopher Alexander  +
Hoshin kanri +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Improvement board +Henrik Kniberg  +
Innovation accounting +Eric Ries  +
Instant pay-off coaching +Max Landsberg  +
Integrating statement leaps forward +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Intent at least two levels up +Dan Meznick  +
Intentional leadership +Frank Heckman  +
Just say no +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurray +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Kanban +David J. Anderson  +
Kata +Mike Rother  +
Knowledge injection +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Lazy finish +Brendan McCarthy  +
Leader coach +Max Landsberg  +
Lean +W. Edwards Deming  +
Leap of faith +Eric Ries  +
Learning milestone +Eric Ries  +
Liberating constraints +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Match people to the task +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Meeting length proportional to agenda +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Mentor +Max Landsberg  +
Metric drives behavior +David J. Anderson  +
Minimal viable product +Eric Ries  +
Mirror, mirror on the wall +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Multi-versioning +Gojko Adzic  +
Myth or fact +Sharon Bowman  +
Nemawashi +Jeffrey Liker  +
Obeya +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Objective +Tom Gilb  +
One service deserves another +Martien van Steenbergen  +
One team +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Open space +Dan Meznick  +
Pattern language +Christopher Alexander  +, Sara Ishikawa  +, Murray Silverstein  +
Pearl language +Christopher Alexander  +, Sara Ishikawa  +, Murray Silverstein  +
People take responsibility +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Pivot +Eric Ries  +
Pivot or persevere meeting +Eric Ries  +
Planguage +Tom Gilb  +
Planning poker +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Platform pivot +Eric Ries  +
Product backlog +Jeff Sutherland  +
Product portfolio +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Product review meeting +Steve Krug  +
Product vision +Geoffry Moore  +
Projection alert +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Quality +W. Edwards Deming  +
Ready to build +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Reciprocal altruism +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Refactor code +Martien van Steenbergen  +
Relative estimation +Mike Cohn  +
Relax +Marvin Weisbord  +, Sandra Janoff  +
Retrospective meeting +Esther Derby  +, Diana Larsen  +