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From InfoQ » Prezi's CTO on how to remain a lean startup after 4 years

  • …how embracing failure is the only way to grow and improve the business;
  • …the need for speed of learning at a lean startup;
  • everyone sharing end to end responsibility for product improvement results;
  • Some of the technical hurdles to overcome so far include
    • monolithic MySQL implementation;
    • non-service oriented architecture; and
    • lack of transactional logging.
  • The main problem however according to Peter was keeping an operations team running for 3 years until realizing DevOps is a cultural change across the board, not a single group's responsibility.
  • …multiple feature teams [or persona teams - mVs], each working as an independent startup unit from idea conception to delivery in production.
  • Current delivery rate is above 10 deploys a day with a log rate above 10.000 messages per second.