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You are coaching a team. At some point in time, the team has grown up sufficiently and reach adulthood. Time to move on…

Being explicit about when your support and coaching end, sets proper expectations and directions for all.

You can leave when:

  1. Published
    1. team charter published.
    2. Team Values.
    3. Principles.
    4. Services Provided.
    5. check points, state transitions, or admission criteria;
    6. all work types;
    7. all classes of service.
    8. Upstream/Downstream connections (Business Model Canvas?).
    9. Rituals.
    10. Trigger conditions for:
      • retrospective meeetings;
      • releases.
    11. working agreements.
  2. For four subsequent weeks:
    1. Average Individual happiness index ≥ 3.
    2. Absolute Team happiness index ≥ 3.
    3. average lead time distribution graphed and trend improving.
    4. throughput published and trend improving.
    5. All work in progress limits honored 100% of the time.