Gilb’s 10 Agile Principles

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  1. Control projects by quantified critical-few, results. 1 Page total!
  2. Make sure those results are business results, not technical.
  3. Give developers freedom, to find out how to deliver those results.
  4. Estimate the impacts of your designs, on your quantified goals.
  5. Select designs with the best value impacts for their costs, do them first.
  6. Decompose the workflow, into weekly (or 2% of budget) time boxes.
  7. Change designs, based on quanti- fied value and cost experience of implementation.
  8. Change the requirements, based on quantified value, cost experience, and new inputs.
  9. Involve the stakeholders, every week, in setting quantified value goals.
  10. Involve the stakeholders, every week, in actually using value increments.

Source: The Developer » Tom Gilb » New Agile Principles: with focus on value delivered to stakeholders

Where do these come from?

  1. Critical Stakeholders determine the values.
  2. Values can and must be quantified.
  3. Values are supported by Value Architecture.
  4. Value levels are determined by timing, architecture effect, and resources.
  5. Value levels can differ for different scopes (where, who).
  6. Value can be delivered early.
  7. Value can be locked in incrementally.
  8. New Values can be discovered (external news, experience).
  9. Values can be evaluated as a function of architecture.

Tom Gilb