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  • Business conditions, markets and technologies were now changing even more rapidly than in the past.
  • Successful companies are now those in which people learn new skills and habits from each other, and in which managers and leaders are also coaches.
  • Companies with a coaching culture do exist, and are much more fun and rewarding to work there.
  • Excellent organizations focus more on bringing out their people’s potential in order to retain their best performers.
  • Training has to be continuous and ‘on the job’—tha is, by coaching.
  • Pressures to achieve cause people to slip back into some bad old habits.

A new breed of leader is called for—a breed with a broader repertoire of management styles:

  • sometimes ‘hands-on’ and sometimes ‘hands-off’, as suits the occasion;
  • delegates appropriately;
  • believes that:
    1. if you invest just ten minutes in coaching someone who reports to you, it will later save you an hour; and
    2. you also help yourself when you help others to perform more strongly;
    3. a curious coach is more effective than ‘coaching by telling’.