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NLP demonstrates there are different ‘learning styles’:

  • visual learners;
  • auditory learners
  • kinesthetic learners.

A daily meeting next to a wall with visual management recalls all learning styles—auditive, visual and kinesthetic dimensions that suit all team participants.

Make queues visible—and simple—it will reduce traffic jam in peoples heads.

visual management:

  • is a way to present information visually on a physical material—paper, post-it notes, …;
  • sits in a strategic location—a wall close to the team or a whiteboard;
  • reaches out to impacted people so they can reach the information easily;
  • gives immediate access to the information;
  • encourages commitment from all involved;
  • attracts people, even from other teams;
  • educes interesting and valuable feedback;
  • is an excellent tool of communication and collaboration;
  • improves team’s ability to take ownership of a task;
  • gives immediate view on tasks’ progress;
  • increases communication and sharing of information.


To process

  • E-mail Olav Maassen on Digital scrum boards, 2013-08-25