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  1. Invite the entire group to engage in a ten minute a walk in pairs—outside if at all possible, to enjoy some fresh air.
  2. First five minutes, one tells what he or she has learned so far and what the most important details they remember are. One is interviewee, other interviewer. Encourage everyone to actually talk about anything and everything related to the learning topic.
  3. Second five minutes, swap roles.
  4. As a trainer or teacher, observe this session and even join some couples to answer any questions that arise.

Normally learners remember most what happened in the beginning and in the end, hence it is very useful to repeat and tell the learning topic to someone else—learners teach, teachers learn.


Invite everyone to form interviewer-interviewee pairs, and backbrief their key learnings in about five minutes each, while taking a stroll (outside if at all possible).

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Similar to back brief and proof of delivery or receipt.

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What’s in a name?

Training from the BACK of the Room!—65 ways to step aside and let them learn by Sharon Bowman