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Goal Is a property of type string.

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3 × 3 rule +gain a better resolution much faster while optimizing the whole  +
A3 solver +solve the root cause of a tough and expensive problem  +
Accelerator list +speed up everything and go before to show the way  +
Actionable behavioural metrics one-pager +settle any product arguments  +
Agile architect +grow, not build a system  +
Agile team dōjō +quickly have a team take an agile quantum leap  +
Agreement-based culture +trust each other a little bit more about what’s going to get done and who is going to do it and when it is going to happen  +
Align initiative +achieve snappy decentralized control  +
Aligned autonomy +put all the wood behind one arrowhead while having fun  +
Aligning pivot plan +nimbly change course when the situation demands  +
Allies experience differences +set up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressure  +
Ambiguity test +test for clear, elegant, and intelligible requirements  +
Analogs and antilogs +generate a series of unique, unanswered strategic questions and assumptions  +
Andon cord +deal with emergencies  +
Anyone else? +keep everyone included and focused at the task at hand, even when emotionally charged  +
Are in +co-create and integral solution or decision with everyone who holds a stake in the initative  +
Average lead time distribution +discover your service level agreement as a reference point to improve on  +
Babushka of value +evolve your product as stacked layers of quality  +
Back brief +check if the other understands your intention  +
Beauty of constraints +focus on elegant, essential, and novel creations  +
Belief statement +educe value-driven behavior  +
Beyond bullet points +convey a message with impact  +
Big hairy audacious goal +put a ding in the universe  +
Blocker waiting room +progress items as soon as they become unblocked  +
Boom buffer +deal with interruptions during the sprint  +
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