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Merriam Webster on agreement:

the act of agreeing
a situation in which people share the same opinion
a situation in which people agree
an arrangement, contract, etc., by which people agree about what is to be done

You can grow a agreement-based culture that radiates maximum cohesion, minimum coupling by pursuing explicit policy.

Full definition of agreement

    • harmony of opinion, action, or character: concord
    • the act or fact of agreeing
    • an arrangement as to a course of action
    • compact, treaty
    • a contract duly executed and legally binding
    • the language or instrument embodying such a contract

Examples of agreement

  • Any changes to the plan require the agreement of everyone involved.
  • There is wide agreement on this issue.
  • They have been unable to reach agreement about how to achieve reform.
  • I thought we had an agreement.
  • Their agreement expires next year.
  • He has to return the property under the terms of an agreement he has with the original owner.
  • He signed an agreement to buy the property.

Synonyms of agreement

accord, concurrence, concurrency, consensus, unanimity, unison, meeting of minds

Antonyms of agreement

conflict, disagreement, dissensus

Words related to agreement

accession, adhesion, assent, assentation, consent; acceptance, acquiescence, concession, embrace, embracement; approbation, approval, favor; alliance, collaboration, collusion, complicity, conspiracy; compliance, concert, concertedness, concord, concordance, conformity, consonance, harmony, oneness, solidarity, understanding, union; empathy, rapport, sympathy

Near Antonyms of agreement

discord, dissension (also dissention); dissent, opposition, resistance; disapprobation, disapproval, disfavor