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Clear objectives at the right level—true values and quantified clarity.

Tom Gilb on objectives:

  • Objectives must be set at the appropriate level. They are a ‘means’ to an end. They are ends, and for our level of concern (just right, not too high or low).
    • The right level of concern is the one you have power over, and responsibility for. Not your boss’ level and not your subordinates’ level.
    • By asking ‘why?’ about a specified objective, you can move up towards a correct level of concern. Keep asking ‘why?’ until people agree you have reached the right level of concern, and that a higher level is outside your stakeholder responsibility.
  • Objectives are crystal clear:
    • All people interpret them in the same way.
    • People are sure as to the intended meaning.
    • Objectives do hold up as a standard for contracting or testing.

Also, see Category » Goal.

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