Coaching self-assessment

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What are the words carved above the gateway to the Oracle’s chair, to prepare the ancient enquirers on their way to the prophet? Right,

Know thyself.

If you are or want to be a good coach, answer the following questions for yourself and/or ask colleagues to complete a copy of this page based on their impressions of you.

How many times in the last week did I:

  1. _____ Provide unconditional praise or kudos.
  2. _____ Give constructive feedback.
  3. _____ Check a colleague’s level of motivation.
  4. _____ Inspire a colleague.
  5. _____ Ask for feedback.
  6. _____ Consciously delegate a taks.
  7. _____ Hold a really effective team meeting.
  8. _____ Provide upward feedback.
  9. _____ Check a team’s morale or happiness index.
  10. _____ mentor a more junior person.


  • 1–3 If you are not a recluse, you need to study and apply the book The Tao of Coaching by Max Landsberg carefully.
  • 4–6 You can significantly increase your effectiveness at work by applying just a few tips from the book.
  • 7–8 You are nearly a coach master.
  • 9–10 Give the book to someone who needs it.

Priority areas for me to work on:

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