Don’t just do something, stand there!/Change

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Don’t just do something, stand there! is based on ten foundational principles. Managing Yourself, or simply change thrives on four principles:

  1. friends with anxiety
    Make friends with anxiety to seize emerging learning opportunities that improve your leadership capabilities, as it:
    • provides tips on how best to make use of and manage anxiety that often arises in meetings;
    • touches on another tool from Weisbord’s book on productive workplaces—the four rooms of change;
    • enables the four rooms of change to know where you are and what to do next.
  2. projection alert
    projection alert to become aware of your own likes and dislikes and turn them into nutricients for personal growth, as it:
    • advises you to be aware of your projections to avoid getting upset or agitated with things that can happen in gatherings;
    • can lead you to even more profound insights with the four questions to stop suffering and enjoy utter freedom.
  3. dependable authority
    Be a dependable authority to be consistent, congruent, and coherent despite a salvo of projections onto you and onto others, as it:
    • explains the importance of learning the authority dynamics that are played out in meetings;
    • discusses experiencing authority projections, dependency and counter-dependency.
  4. just say no
    just say no to make your ‘yes’ mean something, as it:
    • urges assertiveness while not promising more than one can deliver.

The first six principles focus on Facilitate or Leading Meetings.