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…you lead a gathering and want to don’t just do something, stand there! and manage yourself.

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  • You attribute to things and people “out there” qualities that originate in you.
  • You see, hear, or sense in others what your own psyches wish for you to see, hear, or sense, apart from any motive or intrinsic qualities in them.
  • When you project on other people, you find in them clues that remind you of parts of yourself. These could be parts that you detest or deny, or parts that you like very much.


Visit four rooms of change to know where you are and what to do next. Develop percept language to . Use mirror, mirror on the wall to find out how you see yourself in others and adopt a couple of group practices to pair.

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Be a dependable authority to be consistent, congruent, and coherent despite a salvo of projections onto you and onto others. For more depth, try the four questions to stop suffering and enjoy utter freedom.

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Notice what happens inside yourself the next time a leader stands up in front of a group and says, “My name is so-and-so, and I’ll be running this meeting.” Whether you decide to resist or cooperate depends largely on what you project on that person’s looks, demeanor, and tone of voice.