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  1. Prepare around 30 cards with statements that are a either a myth or a fact regarding to your learning topic.
  2. Ask your learners to form groups with 3-5 persons.
  3. Have each group elect a facilitator.
  4. Place 2 cards labeled with “Myth” and “Fact” on the table.
  5. Pass them the 30 cards and ask them to put the cards upside down on the table so that they can’t read them.
  6. Now the players start taking turns and:
    1. Turn a card around and read out loud the statement.
    2. Decide and announce if it’s a myth or a fact.
    3. Facilitate a short conversation if there is disagreement and decide on myth or fact.
  7. Finish the session after 5–10 minutes, regardless if the game is finished or not.
  8. Facilitator comes up with the answer key to check for correctness. Facilitate a new conversation if their answer is different from the answer key—this s is super helpful for the group.

Pleas see an example of a “Myth or fact game” by Sharon L. Bowman.


Training from the BACK of the Room!—65 ways to step aside and let them learn by Sharon Bowman