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To jumpstart your product development, use:

  1. vibrant personas to find out what key users really need, and what goals they have.
  2. impact map to quickly guide product evolution on a strategic, big picture level.
  3. product vision to condense the impact map into a concise, and powerful statement.
  4. three ordered product goals to govern strategic and tactical development decisions.
  5. measurable goals to know when you have reached your destination.
  6. scenarios define the wish to empathize with a day in the life of key users.
  7. user story title harvest to start getting material we can actually build.
  8. story map to find out what complete feature to build first, and second.
  9. story map slice to generate fleshed out user stories to feed a series of sprints.
  10. product review to find out how to delight users even more in subsequent versions.

Fuse product development with a healthy process jumpstart.

Improvement Suggestions