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From top to bottom, your control, involvement and responsibility increases, and decision speed decreases.

  • You bless the decision, perhaps refine it a bit.
  • You suggest any improvements which the author processes into a new revision.
  • You can react within a time limit; no reaction implies your consent.
  • You get involved and the decision must have your consent.


Pearls for Decision-making

Customer segment pivotjump up your revenue and return by maximising value creation
Decision spectrumpick the proper decision processPick the fastest decision process on the on the scale from “fast” to “well-anchored”.
Even overmake choices, to implement and deploy strategyPublish and pin “even over” statements all over the place.
Nemawashidecide wisely at the latest responsible momentSlowly and thouroughly consider and consent all real options, and implement decisions rapidly.
Zoom-in pivotrefocus product development on just one successful feature of the larger whole