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3 × 3 rule +Get any three levels and any three functions into the same conversation on any issue of mutual concern.  +
A3 solver +Take a single A3 and describe the background, current situation and desired goals, as well as a number of experiments and ways to verify their outcomes.  +
Accelerator list +Build quality and continuous improvement (kaizen) in. Maintain an ordered list with items that will boost your velocity when implemented.  +
Actionable behavioural metrics one-pager +collect actionable metrics on how people actually use the product’s key features you care about  +
Agile architect +Grow a system, don't build it.  +
Agile team dōjō +Guide and coach the team through an intense weekly training program.  +
Align initiative +Align initiative with a shared vision, values, and principles.  +
Aligning pivot plan +Design, evolve, and drill a number of tactical plans that kick in when needed.  +
Allies experience differences +Identify differences, make them heard, involve everyone, create subgroups exploring and integrating the differences.  +
Ambiguity test +Count the number of words that are potentially ambiguous, and collect and compare interpretations.  +
Andon cord +Draw attention to human errors or malfunctioning equipment as they occur. Execute the emergency procedure, stop the line, swarm the problem.  +
Anyone else? +Validate every person's experience. Ask around, “Is anyone else feeling the same?”. Acknowledge any nodders and start a subgroup dialogue.  +
Are in +Include the right mix of authority, resources, expertise, information and those affected.  +
Babushka of value +Create and groom an ever evolving minimal set of quality filters in a value stream.  +
Back brief +Have others brief what they think has just been said back to the sender so you can check if the intent is well understood; clarify when needed.  +
Beauty of constraints +Create self-imposed constraints.  +
Belief statement +Distill and publish a believe statement and act accordingly.  +
Big hairy audacious goal +Collect everyone’s goals, desires, ideologies, soul profiles and forge a big, hairy, agressive goal. Pursue it.  +
Blocker waiting room +Make blocked items stand out and move them to a special subcell in the current column, release them as soon as possible and continue working on them before pulling in new work into this column.  +
Boom buffer +Allot limited capacity for interrupts and do not allow the time to be exceeded.  +
Bun owner +Secure an owner of the request at all times. Allow others to pull the request with the owners consent. Follow-up within two days.  +
Burning desire +Write your idea down, initiate a triad, co-create a plastic plan and execute it.  +
Clarifying go-around +Nearly always start with a go-around, giving everyone a chance to suggest a next step.  +
Clean language +Ask clean questions and be alert to metaphor.  +
Consent +Adopt the right for everyone to object proposals, based on solid arguments. Have a leader available make a final decision to keep up to speed.  +
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