Improvement kata

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Toyota embraced kata and created and embedded Toyota Kata—or, more general, improvement kata—in their culture.

improvement kata uses the following structure:

  1. What is the target condition?
  2. What is the actual condition now?
  3. Turn card over and reflect… because you don’t actually know what the result of an experiment will be.
    1. What was your last experiment?
    2. What did you expect?
    3. What actually happened?
    4. What did you learn?
  4. What obstacles do you think are between your from reaching the target condition?
  5. Which one are you addressing now?
  6. What is your next experiment?
  7. What do you expect?
  8. When can we go and see what you have learned from that experiment?

Use kata as the basic structure for an improvement board, together with the definition of awesome.

The structure of improvement kata is similar to the a3 solver, instant pay-off coaching, a {{p|pearl|, and a pattern.