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…during allies experience differences people start recycling earlier statements which usually indicates that a spectrum of views is now on the table. No one has more to add. To move one, all the group needs is an integrating statement.

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You want to progress when the time is right and calls out for the next step.


  • Polarized groups often get stuck in tense “either/or” conversations. An integrating statement takes the form of a “both/and” comment, recognizing that each side of a polarity has validity.
  • When you wait long enough for a dialogue to run its course, some group member will nearly always volunteer an integrating statement.


Discipline to just stand there when you notice that the flock is circling around earlier statements to create space for anyone to speak up and utter a integrative both-and statement.

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Fortunately, you will find many natural integrators in groups. This will shift the energy in the room towards closure and action-orientation.

Suppose no one comes forward? Well, in a pinch, you can always state the obvious. “We hear two points of view, A and B. What would you like to do with these?”

When all else fails, consult group members on what they want to do.

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