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Wish Is a property of type string.

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3 × 3 rule +You want to optimize the whole and avoid sub-optimization.  +
A3 solver +Finding a solution for a tough problem unleashes new energy and gets things flowing again.  +
Accelerator list +Getting better in getting better speeds everything up. Some day you will pass the tipping point…  +
Actionable behavioural metrics one-pager +seeing if you are on track with product development helps you make the right decisions for the next version  +
Agile architect +The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.  +
Agile team dōjō +An nimble, agile and hyper-performing team.  +
Align initiative +Decision-makers near the action in uncertain situations all need to make decision in a similar direction to achieve a shared goal.  +
Aligning pivot plan +Nimbly changing your course and having a clear plan when the situation demands it gives you a competitive advantage.  +
Allies experience differences +Set up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressure help identify and integrate differences into a bigger whole.  +
Ambiguity test +You want clear, unambiguous and intelligible requirements, expressing needs and wishes.  +
Andon cord +Defect-free, high quality products delight customers and will speed you up. Plus, you want to meet your deadlines.  +
Anyone else? +acknowledge real feelings and keep everyone included and focused on the task at hand  +
Are in +Include all—and only real—stakeholders for faster decisions and greater personal responsibility.  +
Babushka of value +You want a sustainable, ever evolving flow of value creating activities.  +
Back brief +Having everyone on the same page increases chances for success.  +
Beauty of constraints +Constraints force ''simplicity''. Constraints force ''creative thinking''. Constraints force you to ''focus''.  +
Belief statement +Value-driven behavior.  +
Big hairy audacious goal +Manifesting your burning desire.  +
Blocker waiting room +Continue working while waiting on external evens, e.g. answers from customers or third parties.  +
Boom buffer +You want to get as much done in a single sprint, without interrupts.  +
Bun owner +A timely and proper response to the requestor shows respect, manages expectations properly, and secures clear communication.  +
Burning desire +Manifest your big idea.  +
Clarifying go-around +You want to know what the best next step is.  +
Clean language +Facilitate a conversation, ensuring that the other’s meaning and resonance remain wholly in tact, uncontaminated by your words, so it opens the door to change.  +
Common ground +Increased cooperation and fast action on matters of shared concern create community and avoids conflict.  +
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