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Jumpstarts are one or two handfuls of pearls to quickly get you on track and speed. Implement them as you see fit. Start anywhere, go anywhere. The path is the goal. The path is nonlinear and unpredictable.

To jumpstart ManeuverGoal
Align initiativeachieve snappy decentralized control
Aligning pivot plannimbly change course when the situation demands
Decentral controlachieve speed and adaptability
Mission orderfocus all forces on victory
Speed and adaptabilitytackle uncertainty

To jumpstart Don’t just do somethingGoal
3 × 3 rulegain a better resolution much faster while optimizing the whole
Just say nomake your ‘yes’ mean something
Whole system in the roomunderstand everyone’s stakes, faster decision-making, and greater personal responsibility

To jumpstart ScrumGoal
Andon corddeal with emergencies
Boom bufferdeal with interruptions during the sprint
Daily clean codeget defect free at the end of the sprint
First things firstget the right stuff done
Happiness indexcultivate hyperperforming teams and organizations that excel and exceed goals while having fun
Scrumming the scrumobtain a sustainable unfair competitive advantage
Stable teamsustain maximum results of human assets
Start what you finish and finish what you startget things done
Yesterday’s weathersuccessfully pull product backlog items into a sprint and get them done