Speed and adaptability

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…ever increasing frequency and amplitude of changes. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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Working with incomplete, inaccurate, or even contradictory information helps to tackle uncertainty and acknowledges the nature of life and work.

The very nature of life makes certainty impossible. All actions in life and work are based on incomplete, inaccurate, or even contradictory information.

For people to try to gain certainty as a basis for actions, maintain positive control at all times, or dictate events to fit their plans is to deny the nature of life. Because we can never eliminate uncertainty, we must learn to live effectively despite it. We can do this by developing simple, flexible plastic plans—planning for likely contingencies, and fostering initiatives among humans.


Practice speedy decisions, flexibility, agility, and a lean mindset and behavior to outmaneuver uncertainty. Make the ooda loop a second nature.

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Source: United States Marines Corps Doctrinal Publication—Tactics by United States Marines Corps