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The greater degree of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with, the richer your life will be.
Tony Robbins


  • is about managing flow in the presence of variability, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and chaos;
  • stems from a desire to circumvent a problem and attack it from a position of advantage rather than meet it straight on;
  • has as its goal to grow or eliminate the system as a whole—to capacitate or incapacitate the the whole systemically
  • affects the functioning of a cohesive whole, even when some components remain untouched (by changing the interaction between its parts).

The core pearls to jumpstart Maneuver are:

To jumpstart ManeuverGoal
Align initiativeachieve snappy decentralized control
Aligning pivot plannimbly change course when the situation demands
Decentral controlachieve speed and adaptability
Mission orderfocus all forces on victory
Speed and adaptabilitytackle uncertainty