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…a project or evolution of a product. The one team still misses some crucial knowledge and expertise in order to operate at full speed.

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A knowledgable and skilled crew works autonomously, and at full potential.


  • Becoming dependent on single specialists is all too easy.
  • Subject matter experts tend to become over-specialized.
  • Allocating specialized resources is a tedious and expensive job.
  • Task switching specialist across multiple projects or teams exponentially reduces productivity.
  • stable teams are more predictable, sustainable and resilient.

Rather than having a specialist join the team for half a day, every week, have the team trained by the specialist on the required topics. Hire an (external) expert with the goal to transfer as much knowledge, skill and experience in a limited time. Set up the exit criteria for the external expert up front—how do you measure when the knowledge injection is complete?


Inject the required knowledge by hiring an external expert or coach that teaches the team to fish.

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Picked up during a CSM training with Template:Trainer, late 2011.