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A list of all pages that have property "So" with value "Align initiative with a shared vision, values, and principles.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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    • Align initiative  + (Align initiative with a shared vision, values, and principles.)
    • Obeya  + (Allocate a big room for the whole team and use visual management.)
    • Boom buffer  + (Allot limited capacity for interrupts and do not allow the time to be exceeded.)
    • Relative estimation  + (Always estimate relative.)
    • Happiness index  + (As a group, pick the top item that will increase the happiness by one or more points on a scale of one to five implement it.)
    • One team  + (As a whole team, take full responsibility for the product as a whole.)
    • Clean language  + (Ask clean questions and be alert to metaphor.)
    • Images of potential  + (Ask questions like “What is the possibility here? So what? Who cares? Who is exited about the possibilities?”)
    • Spice girls question  + (Ask the Product Owner, “Tell me what you want, what you really really want.”)
    • Instant pay-off coaching  + (Ask the coachee to describe the issue, desired outcome, obstacles, and jointly devise actions around the obstacles to reach the goal.)
    • Five whys  + (Ask “Why” five times and design a few experiments)
    • Generative images  + (Attract people with an, often ambiguous and paradoxical, slogan that evokes an attractive, generative image to new, productive conversations, allowing many facets so people can leap into it into it in ways no one ever thought about before.)
    • Wardley map  + (Base your choices on a map that plots the value visibility against its evolutionary position.)
    • Differentiate to integrate  + (Be ‘differish’ to integrate.)
    • Change potential gauge  + (Before you start any intitative, asses theBefore you start any intitative, asses the organisation’s change potential, solutions for current problems, level of dissonance within life conditions, barrier identification and overcome-ness, insights into probable causes and potential alternatives, consolidation and support during the transition.idation and support during the transition.)
    • Accelerator list  + (Build quality and continuous improvement (kaizen) in. Maintain an ordered list with items that will boost your velocity when implemented.)
    • Product vision board  + (Capture your product in a product vision board.)
    • Product vision  + (Capture your product vision in a concise and relevant template and use it consistently and repeatedly in all your communication.)
    • OKR  + (Co-create and publish objectives and key results on all levels in your organization.)
    • Six thinking hats  + (Collaboratively attack the topic in a logical sequence, using all six hats.)
    • Hoshin kanri  + (Collect both strategic, tactical and operational information in a SMART way on a single A3.)
    • Big hairy audacious goal  + (Collect everyone’s goals, desires, ideologies, soul profiles and forge a big, hairy, agressive goal. Pursue it.)
    • Reciprocal altruism  + (Collect the core interests of both parties and turn them into mutually agreed principles or ‘rights’. Ensure they resonate with each party's values.)
    • Writers’ workshop  + (Conduct a small and focused workshop that brings out the best in all.)
    • Wind through a tree  + (Control your response to a situation and contain your “hot buttons”.)
    • Ambiguity test  + (Count the number of words that are potentially ambiguous, and collect and compare interpretations.)
    • Habit of changing habits  + (Create a habit of changing habits.)
    • Product backlog  + (Create a single ordered list of items to do, with crystal clear acceptance criteria.)
    • Definition of done  + (Create and evolve a clear list of criteria that demonstrate an item's readiness for the next step.)
    • Babushka of value  + (Create and groom an ever evolving minimal set of quality filters in a value stream.)
    • Release burndown chart  + (Create and maintain a chart that tracks the burndown of story points of each sprint.)
    • Beauty of constraints  + (Create self-imposed constraints.)
    • Unity of purpose  + (Create, foster and communicate a single unity of purpose, a yearning for the sea.)
    • Wiki  + (Cultivate a open place where everyone can contribute and improve a shared document.)
    • Question carousel  + (Cultivate the art of asking good and effective questions.)
    • Sense of urgency  + (Describe and communicate a genuine, real and clear opportunity in ways that people can relate to and that draws on people’s feelings)
    • Aligning pivot plan  + (Design, evolve, and drill a number of tactical plans that kick in when needed.)
    • Belief statement  + (Distill and publish a believe statement and act accordingly.)
    • Planning poker  + (Do one or two rounds of planning poker.)
    • Team charter  + (Document a membrane as a container for self-organization)
    • Andon cord  + (Draw attention to human errors or malfunctioning equipment as they occur. Execute the emergency procedure, stop the line, swarm the problem.)
    • Main effort  + (Establish a main effort, clear victory criteria, and have one unit lead its implementation. Subordinate all work to the main effort.)
    • Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurray  + (Every day, focus on getting something ready to use for someone else. Set a work in progress limit to increase the number of daily ka-ching moments.)
    • Stable team  + (Evolve stable, resilient, co-located, and multi-disciplinary development teams and let no one touch it.)
    • Disagree and commit  + (Express your disagreement while committing to support the implementation of the selected option.)
    • Retrospective prime directive  + (Facilitate a retrospective, opening with the prime directive that everyone did the best job they could.)
    • U-curve  + (Find the sweet spot for best batch sizes by balancing the holding cost with the economy of scale.)