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Be clear about the facilitator boundaries and make your own role explicit to the group. Stay aware of your role. Tell people your intentions, just like intent at least two levels up. Let people know when you change hats. Share and check the understanding unity of purpose for the gathering against that of all participants. Verify that you have the whole system in the room with people that are in.

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  1. Respect your facilitator boundaries to .
  2. Check the group’s understanding of the unity of purpose to give direction, align forces, and pursue meaningful work.
  3. Assure you have the whole system in the room to understand everyone’s stakes, faster decision-making, and greater personal responsibility, and all participants are in to co-create and integral solution or decision with everyone who holds a stake in the initative.
  4. Use allies experience differences to set up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressure.
  5. Plan to have each group report to the whole to .
  6. Allow ample time to .
  7. Chose a healthy space to .