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…you are getting the whole system in the room.

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Integrative decision-making, representing all stakes.

Make sure the right and diverse mix of people who “ARE IN” the room:

  • Authority to act, like decision-making responsibility.
  • Resources, such as contacts, time or money.
  • Expertise in the issues to be considered.
  • Information about the topic no one else has.
  • Need to be involved because they are affected by the outcome and can speak to the consequences.


Include the right mix of authority, resources, expertise, information and those affected.

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Also see delegation poker and delegation board.

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How to use

  • Create a simple table with are in as column headings.
  • List the stakeholders that come to mind, one per row.
  • Walk through all cells (per stakeholder) and check the cell when applicable.
  • Check the total table for completeness, consistency, and coherence.
  • Fix any omissions and maybe prune some duplicates.