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To jumpstart scrum, use:

  1. stable team to sustain maximum results of human assets.
  2. yesterday’s weather to successfully pull product backlog items into a sprint and get them done.
  3. daily clean code to get defect free at the end of the sprint.
  4. first things first to get the right stuff done.
  5. start what you finish and finish what you start to get things done.
  6. andon cord to deal with emergencies.
  7. boom buffer to deal with interruptions during the sprint.
  8. scrumming the scrum to obtain a sustainable unfair competitive advantage.
  9. happiness index to cultivate hyperperforming teams and organizations that excel and exceed goals while having fun.
  10. teams that finish early accelerate faster to get hyperproductive.

Joined at the hip with scrum shock therapy.

Fuse with a healthy product jumpstart.


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