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…you have assembled a group of people to tackle a tough job in a short amount of time.

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Quickly and nimbly speed towards a shared goal.

You want to take advantage of the golden triangle.


Set up and uphold a small set of roles, rituals, and social objects.

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Martien's Sources

Martien van Steenbergen primarily uses these sources.

Scrum Jumpstart

A good dose of discipline allows you to successfully implement:

Scenarios focus on the needs of the user roles:

    • leads to product earlier;
    • makes everything more practical, usable;
    • limits you te create what is needed, not per sé what is possible;
    • relates to activities on the work floor;
    • prevents gold plating;

Scrum Primer



Some of these articles contain Martien's highlights.

Most Relevant Scrum Pearls

Scrum Values

  • Focus;
  • Commitment;
  • Openness
  • Courage; and
  • Respect.

Scrum Roles

Scrum Social Objects



Quality, a.k.a. ‘ilities’:


Pareltaal is the Dutch variant of Pearl Language.

Agile Pearls

Pearls on agile and scrum

Accelerator list
Agile architect
Agile team dōjō
Ambiguity test
Ask for the moon
Babushka of value
Beauty of constraints
Belief statement
Blocker waiting room
Cruise missile
Customer segment pivot
Daily scrum of scrums
Daily standup
Decouple stages
Definition of done
Don’t just do something, stand there!
Five whys
Focus on focus off
Foreign glimpses
Goldilocks sizer
Habit of changing habits
Improvement board
Innovation accounting
Just say no
Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurray
Knowledge injection
Lazy finish
Learning milestone
Minimal viable product
One service deserves another
One team
Open space
Pair working
Physical information radiators
Product backlog
Product owner
Product portfolio
Product review meeting
Product vision
Product vision board
Ready to build
Reciprocal altruism
Refactor code
Relative estimation
Release burndown chart
Ritual dissent and assent... further results



There is a plethora of agile tools.