Leap of faith

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leap of faith assumptions give rise to tuning variables that control the engine of evolution, and, once running, shifts in to higher and higher gears.

Two kinds of assumption exist:

  • value hypothesis; and
  • growth hypothesis.

Leap of faith questions

Strategy is based on assumptions (not fact).

Acting as if these assumptions are true is a classic superpower, and that is why it is called a leap of faith—the entire venture rests on the assumptions.

The goal [of a startup’s early efforts] is to

  • test the assumptions as quickly as possible;
  • grow an organization that can test assumptions systematically;
  • perform rigorous testing while keeping the company’s overall vision insight and inline with the intent at least two levels up.

For startups, the role of strategy is to help figure out the right questions to ask. You can use analogs and antilogs to generate a series of unique, unanswered strategic questions and assumptions.


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