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How Jimdo scales their agile organization to 180 people (which is beyond dunbar’s number.


Communities of Practice



  • teamverløtung to
    • synchronize the company during a weekly roundup;
    • keep everyone in the zone of healthy tension or eustress; that is, it avoids distress because of big heaps of work that needs to be done;
    • facilitate direct face-to-face communication over ‘communication’ through a (ticketing) system;
    • enable valuable conversations about what matters most;
    • build trust;
    • catalyze mutual understanding;
    • know the reasons why some items will be worked on and others not;
    • educate everyone on the intent at least to levels up, the big, hard, aggressive goals, and the company’s strategy;
    • take advantage of the incredible amount of knowledge and experience from different disciplines gathered in this obeya.
    • discover simple and creative solutions immediately.
  • feel good manager (or feel good fairy to install a culture that keeps the happiness index at a high level with a casual face-to-face meetup of 20–30 minutes.
  • ??? café right after the teamverløtung to allow small groups to discuss certain topics and coordinate their efforts.

Open Prioritization Meetings

Goal #1

  • aligned autonomy to to maintain, or regain, alignment, increase maneuver, and have everybody move in the same direction in order to achieve outstanding feats.
  • intent at least to levels up to to
    • keep the flow and keep things moving;
    • subordinate everything else, and at times delay achieving local goals;
    • bring crystal clarity;
    • instill company-wide aligned autonomy;
    • allow a incessant decision stream;
    • take care of impediments immediately;
    • foster self-awareness and feeling of togetherness.
  • captain chaos to equip everyone with the best working environment possible—like in Pixar.
  • mission order to focus all forces on victory.



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