Daily standup

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…the development team is working within a sprint.

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Keeping track of the status of outstanding work keeps everyone's eye on the ball and helps planning your day.

The daily standup is intended to be a high energy team building and planning event.


  • too much time between meetings and you lose track;
  • too little time between meetings creates too much overhead;
  • too much detail about the status takes too long and sucks the energy out;
  • too little detail about the status takes you in the dark;
  • too much horizon for planned tasks makes you forget about them;
  • too little horizon for planned tasks makes you lose direction.


Have a short inspect-adapt meeting, that lasts at most 15 minutes, every day. Reemphasize both the intent at least two levels up and today’s intent so everyone adjusts to each other based on what they know to be the intentions for the day.

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To process

  • use a ‘talking ball’ to self-organize who speaks and give everyone attention;
  • discuss who can be at the standup and their etiquette
  • PO must be there regularly;
  • SM may or may not attend; team can be autonomous, not needing SM;