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…working hard in an uncertain, constantly changing world.

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Victory is defined as being recognized as being the best in class. Being the best in class energizes and works like a magnet on staff and customers.

To concentrate efforts on achieving objectives that lead to victory.

Of all the actions going on within our scope, we recognize one as the most critical to success at that moment. The unit assigned responsibility for accomplishing this key mission is designated as the main effort—the focal point upon which converges all your power.

The main effort receives priority for support of any kind. It must be clear to all other units that they must support that unit in the accomplishment of its mission. The main effort becomes a harmonizing force for all initiatives at all levels.

The main effort makes it absolutely clear for everyone where to focus all energy, no excuses.

Faced with a decision, ask yourself: How can I best support the main effort?


Establish a main effort, clear victory criteria, and have one unit lead its implementation. Subordinate all work to the main effort.

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