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…in between the current and next sprint,

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Elegantly pleasing the real and current needs of your customers and users is fulfilling, gives meaning, and makes everybody happy and avoids surprises. Tweaking and tuning your product based on feedback and measurable goals keeps everyone happy.

During the sprint review meeting, the development team demonstrates completed functionality to interested stakeholders, gathering feedback.

Simple surveys can provide quick quantitative feedback during sprint review meetings. Not everything needs to be perfect—focus on core and differentiating features!

Collecting useful feedback from real customers and users on the latest results can be as simple as taking five minutes to ask the audience to answer the following questions:

“This design is meant to sprint goal or design goal. We would like to collect your feedback on the results of this sprint. So, can you please rate on a scale of 1–5:
  • Did this design elegantly fulfill its proposed case?
  • Would you recommend this design to a friend?
  • Is this design better than current working alternatives familiar to you?”

Iterate your product based upon customer and user feedback and evolve it accordingly. Involve them directly in rapid feedback loops.

There is no substitute for rapid feedback from real end users, but it requires preparation.

  • Cultivate an ongoing, self-replenishing group of users that you can call on regularly.
  • Rotate users among products and services.
    • Example: Google holds monthly tests in major cities, putting various products in front of paid users.
  • Encourage long-term participation where sensible:
    • Example: LEGO MindStorms recruited expert builders for months to help design their next-generation product.


Reserve time in the agenda to collect some basic quantitive feedback from users, customers and key stakeholders about the core and differentiating user stories of the last product development cycle. Relate your current product revision to the vibrant personas you use throughout.

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Every now and then, a usability test gives you a ton of useful feedback in a very short time.

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