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…you have defined a business segment that will be supported by one or more teams that need strategic technical direction.

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It is important that everyone agrees to what needs to be done next at any given time, and that the agreement be made visible. You can't do everything at once—in fact, you can't even do two things well at the same time. It's important to have focus.

Backlog consists of goals:

  • Enables multiple approaches.
  • Facilitates proper situational triage.
  • Fuels the right conversations.
  • Builds common understanding.


Create a story map with ordered slices of deliverables. The list is called the product backlog. The development team will be driven by the work at the top of the product backlog, and each unit of development staff works from only a single product backlog.

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This list typically corresponds to a single product or product line; however, it can be any list of deliverables.

Annotating each product backlog item with a cost, and a positionally sensitive market value, can help the product owner optimize ROI. The product backlog can also be used to do scheduling and to create a release plan and roadmap.

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