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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "So" with value "Set up and uphold a small set of roles, rituals, and social objects.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Set of reference stories  + (Maintain a set of baselined reference stories used by all squads as a benchmark for estimation.)
  • Blocker waiting room  + (Make blocked items stand out and move them to a special subcell in the current column, release them as soon as possible and continue working on them before pulling in new work into this column.)
  • Ready to build  + (Make sure any item is fully ready to implement before you start working on it.)
  • Ruthlessly lovingly  + (Make sure concrete and co-evolve clear values, principles and fair conventions and guidelines and uphold them ruthlessly.)
  • Snapshot delivery  + (Make sure that everything that comes out of the build cycle is ready to release so that you effortlessly can deploy it.)
  • Meeting length proportional to agenda  + (Match the gathering’s length to its agenda and goal.)
  • Clarifying go-around  + (Nearly always start with a go-around, giving everyone a chance to suggest a next step.)
  • Story telling  + (Obey the 10 commandments of story telling.)
  • Only move forward  + (Only promote items—never back them up to a previous state—and mark the item blocked until all earlier work completes.)
  • Weighted shortest job first  + (Order the items based on weighted shortest job first.)
  • Foreign glimpses  + (Organize a few short and effective visits to other scrum teams, preferably outside your own company.)
  • Pair working  + (Pair up in a master apprentice way. Or just pair.)
  • Decision spectrum  + (Pick the fastest decision process on the on the scale from “fast” to “well-anchored”.)
  • Speed and adaptability  + (Practice speedy decision-making, agility, and flexibility. Outmaneuver uncertainty.)
  • Don’t just do something, stand there!  + (Prepare and structure gatherings thoroughly and carefully. Invite the right people. Manage yourself.)
  • Even over  + (Publish and pin “even over” statements all over the place.)
  • Yesterday’s weather  + (Pull a little bit less, and certainly no more than the running average of the velocities of the last three sprints into the new sprint.)
  • Decentral control  + (Put decision-makers close to the action and facilitate decentral control so decisions can be made quick and nimble.)
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall  + (Read out loud the three qualities of someone you find totally attractive and someone you find totally irritating.)
  • Product review meeting  + (Reserve time in the agenda to collect some basic feedback about the results of the last sprint.)
  • Ritual dissent and assent  + (Ritualize dissent and assent and consent to harden ideas and proposals and their decisions.)
  • Open space  + (Ritualize regular open space gatherings.)
  • Bun owner  + (Secure an owner of the request at all times. Allow others to pull the request with the owners consent. Follow-up within two days.)
  • Ask for the moon  + (Secure the essential ingredients for a successful agile adoption are in place, like executive support. assessment, cross-functional community, an awesome workplace, training & coaching, chartering, retroprostpectives, and coach-the-coaches.)
  • Sprint goal  + (Set a clear goal for every sprint and only pull in work that helps reach that goal.)
  • Scrum  + (Set up and uphold a small set of roles, rituals, and social objects.)
  • Small group self-management roles  + (Show the self-managing roles—leader, timer, decoder, and reporter—and invite everyone to take the responsibility for themselves.)
  • Teams that finish early accelerate faster  + (Slow down to speed up—create some slack time for process improvement by pulling in just a bit less than yesterday's weather.)
  • Nemawashi  + (Slowly and thouroughly consider and consent all real options, and implement decisions rapidly.)
  • Unique specific tasks  + (Split a work item into unique tasks specific to this work item.)
  • Story splitter  + (Split it into bite-sized chunks that each deliver value.)
  • Strategic product owner  + (Split the single product owner into a strategic product owner and tactical product owner.)
  • Tactical product owner  + (Split the single product owner into a strategic product owner and tactical product owner.)
  • Goldilocks sizer  + (Split too big and join too small items into just the right size to enable flow.)
  • Cruise missile  + (Stabilize the specification above a certain threshold, minimize the items lead time, and follow any and all changes in the spec while the item is in progress.)
  • A3 solver  + (Take a single A3 and describe the background, current situation and desired goals, as well as a number of experiments and ways to verify their outcomes.)
  • Refactor code  + (Take every opportunity to eliminate redundant code and rewrite code, making it more elegant.)
  • Mission order  + (Train lateral communication by building teams in which members only need half a word for proper action.)
  • Talking stick  + (Use a token as talking stick. Only the one holding the talking stick can speak.)
  • Improvement board  + (Use an information radiator to list and execute improvement kata towards the definition of awesome.)
  • Elegant checklist  + (Use and evolve a concise and complete checklist detailing what must be done before advancing.)
  • Socratic dialog  + (Use the “hourglass” model for regressive abstraction based on a concrete and relevant example.)
  • Anyone else?  + (Validate every person's experience. Ask around, “Is anyone else feeling the same?”. Acknowledge any nodders and start a subgroup dialogue.)
  • Lean decision filter  + (Value trumps flow trumps waste elimination.)
  • How may we  + (When you hear pain points, reframe them as opportunities by starting with “How may we…”)
  • Start what you finish and finish what you start  + (Work the work flow from back to front and help promote items closest to the end of the flow and in your area of skill if at all possible. Focus on increasing liquidity.)
  • Burning desire  + (Write your idea down, initiate a triad, co-create a plastic plan and execute it.)
  • Startup’s runway  + (achieve the same amount of validated learning in an ever shorter time)
  • Actionable behavioural metrics one-pager  + (collect actionable metrics on how people actually use the product’s key features you care about)
  • Process diagram  + (draw the process, structured)
  • Teach back  + (have one or more people explain the topic in their own words while the others play the perfection game)