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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Wish" with value "Having everyone on the same page increases chances for success.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurray  + (Creating value for someone else brings joy and happiness for both the creator and the requestor. There is so much to do. What can you best do?)
  • Align initiative  + (Decision-makers near the action in uncertain situations all need to make decision in a similar direction to achieve a shared goal.)
  • Andon cord  + (Defect-free, high quality products delight customers and will speed you up. Plus, you want to meet your deadlines.)
  • U-curve  + (Determine the optimum sprint length or batch size.)
  • Ruthlessly lovingly  + (Developing a rich community of practice makes everyone flourish.)
  • Generative images  + (Drawing highly motivated people to explore new, unforeseen ways to break through an existing challenge brings out the best in all.)
  • Product review meeting  + (Elegantly pleasing the real and current needs of your users is fulfilling, gives meaning, and makes everybody happy.)
  • Images of potential  + (Energised people working on outcomes and healthy systems.)
  • Instant pay-off coaching  + (Even coaching in a hurry can help someone to get unstuck and grow.)
  • Improvement board  + (Ever getting better in getting better requires a learning culture.)
  • Talking stick  + (Everyone wants to have their say heard and the space to speak up. Especially the silent ones do not want to be drowned by the talkative.)
  • Tipping point leadership  + (Execute a strategic shift in the organization as a whole.)
  • Clean language  + (Facilitate a conversation, ensuring that the other’s meaning and resonance remain wholly in tact, uncontaminated by your words, so it opens the door to change.)
  • Unique specific tasks  + (Feeling comfortable about how to get a thing done)
  • A3 solver  + (Finding a solution for a tough problem unleashes new energy and gets things flowing again.)
  • Cumulative flow diagram  + (Flow, predictability, throughput, and short time to value make everybody happy.)
  • Liberating constraints  + (Focussing on what is really important makes everyone's job easier and gets stuff done quicker and better.)
  • Ready to build  + (Full focus of transforming wishes into reality.)
  • Story splitter  + (Get a big thing done.)
  • Spectrum of views  + (Get a group drifting towards polarization back on track and get on with the business at hand.)
  • Five whys  + (Get to the root cause and fix it.)
  • Accelerator list  + (Getting better in getting better speeds everything up. Some day you will pass the tipping point…)
  • First things first  + (Getting things done at high speed.)
  • Question carousel  + (Great questions induce great answers.)
  • Back brief  + (Having everyone on the same page increases chances for success.)
  • Open space  + (High learning, play and engagement.)
  • Cruise missile  + (Hitting a moving target is both more effective and efficient.)
  • One service deserves another  + (How do you decide if and when an item—for which your squad neither have the time or skills—gets pulled in by another squad?)
  • Are in  + (Include all—and only real—stakeholders for faster decisions and greater personal responsibility.)
  • Happiness index  + (Increase the level of joy in day to day work, while speeding up.)
  • Wiki  + (Increased communication bandwidth makes everything smooth and flow, and improves the signal-to-noise ratio.)
  • Common ground  + (Increased cooperation and fast action on matters of shared concern create community and avoids conflict.)
  • Kanban  + (Increasing your learning power as an individual, group, team, unit, organization, or society gives meaning and sizzle to life.)
  • Product backlog  + (It is important that everyone agrees to what needs to be done next at any given time, and that the agreement be made visible.)
  • OKR  + (Keep everyone moving forward as an aligned and autonomous team.)
  • Weak signals, big action  + (Keeping a system within its tolerance makes it sustainable.)
  • Daily standup  + (Keeping track of the status of outstanding work keeps everyone's eye on the ball and helps planning your day.)
  • Product vision  + (Knowing what is and is not the purpose gives focus and direction and makes choices and decisions a lot easier and facilitates flow.)
  • We don’t make mistakes, we learn  + (Learn.)
  • Intent at least two levels up  + (Make decisions that advance the whole in the right direction, even under extreme pressure.)
  • Habit of changing habits  + (Make the best of now.)
  • Triage  + (Making the right decisions timely is an art, will make life simpler and more effective.)
  • Burning desire  + (Manifest your big idea.)
  • Big hairy audacious goal  + (Manifesting your burning desire.)
  • Unity of purpose  + (Moving in the same direction while contributing to a greater good gives meaning to live and is fulfilling.)
  • Daily scrum of scrums  + (Need communication to flow between connected teams.)
  • Aligning pivot plan  + (Nimbly changing your course and having a clear plan when the situation demands it gives you a competitive advantage.)
  • Spice girls question  + (Once something is flowing across the Kanban board you don't ever want it to be discarded and waste scarce resources and capacity.)
  • Change potential gauge  + (Optimise the chances for a successful transition, a change of being, a metamorphosis.)
  • Ask for the moon  + (Organisational change is hard and complex. Making sure the essential start conditions are in place boosts the chance for success. Some organisations are unfit to start such a change, so any effort is just a waste.)