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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Wish" with value "Quickly and nimbly speed towards a shared goal.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Daily standup  + (Keeping track of the status of outstanding work keeps everyone's eye on the ball and helps planning your day.)
  • Product vision  + (Knowing what is and is not the purpose gives focus and direction and makes choices and decisions a lot easier and facilitates flow.)
  • We don’t make mistakes, we learn  + (Learn.)
  • Intent at least two levels up  + (Make decisions that advance the whole in the right direction, even under extreme pressure.)
  • Habit of changing habits  + (Make the best of now.)
  • Triage  + (Making the right decisions timely is an art, will make life simpler and more effective.)
  • Burning desire  + (Manifest your big idea.)
  • Big hairy audacious goal  + (Manifesting your burning desire.)
  • Unity of purpose  + (Moving in the same direction while contributing to a greater good gives meaning to live and is fulfilling.)
  • Daily scrum of scrums  + (Need communication to flow between connected teams.)
  • Aligning pivot plan  + (Nimbly changing your course and having a clear plan when the situation demands it gives you a competitive advantage.)
  • Spice girls question  + (Once something is flowing across the Kanban board you don't ever want it to be discarded and waste scarce resources and capacity.)
  • Change potential gauge  + (Optimise the chances for a successful transition, a change of being, a metamorphosis.)
  • Ask for the moon  + (Organisational change is hard and complex. Making sure the essential start conditions are in place boosts the chance for success. Some organisations are unfit to start such a change, so any effort is just a waste.)
  • Ritual dissent and assent  + (Overall plans and solutions that are more ore resilient than consensus based techniques bring out the best in both the participants and the solution.)
  • Product portfolio  + (Overview and clear strategic goals aligns forces and eases planning on all levels.)
  • Differentiate to integrate  + (People are likely to act together when, including everyone, differentiate their stakes.)
  • Sense of urgency  + (People are moved in sustainable action towards opportunity when they have a true sense of urgency.)
  • Weighted shortest job first  + (Pick the right stuff to work on to minimuze output (and thus effort) and maximize outcome.)
  • Wardley map  + (Picking the right investments and decide what to make, buy or outsource is a winning strategy.)
  • Set of reference stories  + (Planning with predictability and sustainability creates trust and competitive advantage in the market.)
  • Wind through a tree  + (Productive and energetic meetings that matter and respect everyone’s views.)
  • Integrating statement leaps forward  + (Progress when the time is right and calls out for the next step.)
  • Stable team  + (Quality, predictability and sustainability are highly valued by clients and the market.)
  • Decision spectrum  + (Quick and proper decision-making secures progress and increases autonomy and flexibility.)
  • Scrum  + (Quickly and nimbly speed towards a shared goal.)
  • Thumbs protocol  + (Quickly find out where everyone stands so you can amend a proposal if needed and move on to implementation.)
  • Interview & draw  + (Quickly get to know someone else by active listening and be able to backbrief what you just learned.)
  • Foreign glimpses  + (Seeing is believing. See monkey, do monkey can help jumpstart beginning scrum teams.)
  • Small group self-management roles  + (Self-managing groups allow you to focus on and lead the whole.)
  • Team charter  + (Self-organization is both powerful and efficient and does not require management. How do you steer a swarm, though?)
  • Allies experience differences  + (Set up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressure help identify and integrate differences into a bigger whole.)
  • Focus on focus off  + (Setting the stage with a mind-set for productive communication helps participants set aside blaming and judgment—and fear of blaming and judgment.)
  • Lean decision filter  + (Should I continue to work on my story or should I move to analyze some new ones?)
  • Scrumming the scrum  + (Speeding up the speeding up eventually gives you an unfair sustainable competitive advantage.)
  • Mission order  + (Speedy action with local decisions in line with the intent at least two levels up.)
  • Just say no  + (Spending your limited time on the things that really matter creates a more intentional and solid yes, builds trust and coherence.)
  • Decouple stages  + (Stages should be independent to reduce coupling and promote autonomy.)
  • Agile architect  + (The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.)
  • Strategic product owner  + (The work is simply too much for a single product owner,)
  • Tactical product owner  + (The work is simply too much for a single product owner,)
  • Planning poker  + (To level understanding and knowledge and get a feeling for how much effort it is.)
  • Six plus or minus one  + (To optimize team performance, team size is crucial.)
  • Belief statement  + (Value-driven behavior.)
  • Daily clean code  + (Velocity is limited because a team spends time dealing with too many bugs.)
  • Main effort  + (Victory is defined as being recognized as being the best in class. Being the best in class energizes and works like a magnet on staff and customers.)
  • Nemawashi  + (Wise decisions at the latest responsible moment that are implemented fast propel everyone forward almost effortlessly.)
  • Decentral control  + (With speed and adaptability you can outmaneuver uncertainty.)
  • Goldilocks sizer  + (Working in flow is satisfying and productive.)
  • Teams that finish early accelerate faster  + (You really want to have some time to think clearly about how to improve your work.)
  • Babushka of value  + (You want a sustainable, ever evolving flow of value creating activities.)