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15-word strategy statement
3 × 3 rulegain a better resolution much faster while optimizing the whole
A Pattern Language
A3 solversolve the root cause of a tough and expensive problem
Abundance of work
Accelerator listspeed up everything and go before to show the way
Agile Coffee Utrecht 2017-04-21
Agile Documentation
Agile Foundation Training
Agile architectgrow, not build a system
Agile business analyst
Agile coach
Agile contract
Agile manifesto
Agile shock therapy
Agile team dōjōquickly have a team take an agile quantum leap
Agile transformation
Agility depth
Agreement-based culturetrust each other a little bit more about what’s going to get done and who is going to do it and when it is going to happen
Align initiativeachieve snappy decentralized control
Aligning pivot plannimbly change course when the situation demands
Allies experience differencesset up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressure
Ambiguity testtest for clear, elegant, and intelligible requirements
Andon corddeal with emergencies
Anyone else?keep everyone included and focused at the task at hand, even when emotionally charged
Are inco-create and integral solution or decision with everyone who holds a stake in the initative
Ask for the moonsecure the essential ingredients for a successful agile engagement
Average lead time distributiondiscover your service level agreement as a reference point to improve on
Babushka of valueevolve your product as stacked layers of quality
Beauty of constraintsfocus on elegant, essential, and novel creations
Belief statementeduce value-driven behavior
Big hairy audacious goalput a ding in the universe
Blocker pattern
Blocker waiting roomprogress items as soon as they become unblocked
Boom bufferdeal with interruptions during the sprint
Broad, deep, and cross
Broccoli planning
Build a tower, build a teambuild super teams
Bun ownertimely and responsibly handle requests shared by a distributed group of people
Burning desiremanifest the big idea that got a hold of you
Capacity constrained resources
Clarifying go-aroundfind out what to do next
Coaching self-assessment
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