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We just successfully installed the boom buffer. Everyone, including the product owner is very happy, for now the development team can work focused and is not disturbed by external interrupts anymore.

Pearls for Meetings that Matter

Meetings that MatterGoal:Therefore:
3 × 3 rulegain a better resolution much faster while optimizing the wholeGet any three levels and any three functions into the same conversation on any issue of mutual concern.
Allies experience differencesset up conditions under which every person can be independent of group pressureIdentify differences, make them heard, involve everyone, create subgroups exploring and integrating the differences.
Are inco-create and integral solution or decision with everyone who holds a stake in the initativeInclude the right mix of authority, resources, expertise, information and those affected.
Clarifying go-aroundfind out what to do nextNearly always start with a go-around, giving everyone a chance to suggest a next step.
Common groundincrease cooperation and fast action on matters of shared concern
Dependable authoritybe consistent, congruent, and coherent despite a salvo of projections onto you and onto others
Differentiate to integrateease the process of discovering common ground and decision-makingBe ‘differish’ to integrate.
Four rooms of changeknow where you are and what to do next
Generative imagesallure people to create openings for new, productive conversations about issues they care aboutAttract people with an, often ambiguous and paradoxical, slogan that evokes an attractive, generative image to new, productive conversations, allowing many facets so people can leap into it into it in ways no one ever thought about before.
Images of potentialinnovatively, creatively and energetically improve the whole systemAsk questions like “What is the possibility here? So what? Who cares? Who is exited about the possibilities?”
Integrating statement leaps forwardmove on after a near complete spectrum of views is on the table
Just say nomake your ‘yes’ mean somethingListen to the other's request and provide an understanding “No”, along with its motivation. Find a solution and track progress.
Match people to the taskfit the capability of the group to the size of the issueInclude all key actors in the dialogue.
Mirror, mirror on the wallfind out how you see yourself in others and adopt a couple of group practices to pairRead out loud the three qualities of someone you find totally attractive and someone you find totally irritating.
People take responsibilityencourage participants to own their own meetings, outcomes, and future
Projection alertbecome aware of your own likes and dislikes and turn them into nutricients for personal growth
Relaxcontrol what you can and let go what you cannot
Spectrum of viewsdevelop a more grounded sense of what initial opposing consider relevant and uncover a continuum of opinionsForm subgroups that listen to each other’s conversations to discover differences that can be integrated.
Whole elephantlay the groundwork for people to open up to each otherGet out all the issues, find out what matters most, and only then explore any solutions and directions to resolve one or more issues.
Whole system in the roomunderstand everyone’s stakes, faster decision-making, and greater personal responsibilityIn each meeting, include all the relevant people who “ARE IN” .
Wind through a treecontrol your response to a situation and contain your “hot buttons”Control your response to a situation and contain your “hot buttons”.

Pearls for Kanban

Accelerator listspeed up everything and go before to show the wayBuild quality and continuous improvement (kaizen) in. Maintain an ordered list with items that will boost your velocity when implemented.
Agile architectgrow, not build a systemGrow a system, don't build it.
Ambiguity testtest for clear, elegant, and intelligible requirementsCount the number of words that are potentially ambiguous, and collect and compare interpretations.
Andon corddeal with emergenciesDraw attention to human errors or malfunctioning equipment as they occur. Execute the emergency procedure, stop the line, swarm the problem.
Belief statementeduce value-driven behaviorDistill and publish a believe statement and act accordingly.
Blocker waiting roomprogress items as soon as they become unblockedMake blocked items stand out and move them to a special subcell in the current column, release them as soon as possible and continue working on them before pulling in new work into this column.
Boom bufferdeal with interruptions during the sprintAllot limited capacity for interrupts and do not allow the time to be exceeded.
Daily clean codeget defect free at the end of the sprintFix all bugs in less than a day. Aim to have a completely clean base of code at the end of every day.
Daily scrum of scrumsfoster high communication bandwidth between teams and to resolve any dependanciesLet one or more team members from each team have a short, daily meeting.
Daily standupkeep track of work in progress, and move it towards the finish quicklyHave a short inspect-adapt meeting, that lasts at most 15 minutes, every day.
Definition of doneknow when you are done with an item, ready to be pulled into the next stepCreate and evolve a clear list of criteria that demonstrate an item's readiness for the next step.
First things firstget the right stuff doneFocus maximum effort to get the top priority ready to release and celebrate yet another ka-ching moment.
Happiness indexcultivate hyperperforming teams and organizations that excel and exceed goals while having funAs a group, pick the top item that will increase the happiness by one or more points on a scale of one to five implement it.
Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurrayshow progress and build trust, day by dayEvery day, focus on getting something ready to use for someone else. Set a work in progress limit to increase the number of daily ka-ching moments.
Knowledge injectionboost autonomy, mastery, and purposeInject the required knowledge by hiring an external expert or coach that teaches the team to fish (rather than feeding it a fish).
Obeyafoster rich, short, effective communication, and rapid decision-makingAllocate a big room for the whole team and use visual management.
One service deserves anotherfairly help each other out when neededHave the product owner crew decide which build squad will pull this item into their sprint backlog.
One teamexcel in providing the best solution, sustain top performance, and have hun, all at the same timeAs a whole team, take full responsibility for the product as a whole.
Physical information radiatorskeep oversight of progress and acceleration opportunities
Product backlogdo the right things (a.k.a. effectiveness}Create a single ordered list of items to do, with crystal clear acceptance criteria.
Product ownerhave passion and vision develop products that people want to buy
Product portfoliodo the right things considering your complete product suiteMaintain a product portfolio.
Product review meetingproudly present the new value just created and collect feedback to inform future developmentReserve time in the agenda to collect some basic feedback about the results of the last sprint.
Product visionprovide the essential direction and focus to everyoneCapture your product vision in a concise and relevant template and use it consistently and repeatedly in all your communication.
Ready to buildinvest most of your time efficiently building, implementing the productMake sure any item is fully ready to implement before you start working on it.
Reciprocal altruismelegantly work together, reinforcing and complementing each other's strengths, while respecting mutual interestsCollect the core interests of both parties and turn them into mutually agreed principles or ‘rights’. Ensure they resonate with each party's values.
Relative estimationharvest low hanging fruit for maximum return on investmentAlways estimate relative.
Release burndown chartvisually manage progress so you can adjust planning accordinglyCreate and maintain a chart that tracks the burndown of story points of each sprint.
Scrumjumpstart hyper-performing teamsSet up and uphold a small set of roles, rituals, and social objects.
Scrumming the scrumobtain a sustainable unfair competitive advantageIdentify the single most important accelerator at the Sprint Retrospective and remove it before the end of the next sprint.
Set of reference storiesenable planning across multiple squads and tribesMaintain a set of baselined reference stories used by all squads as a benchmark for estimation.
Six plus or minus oneenjoy maximum communication bandwidth among peopleFoster teams of six plus or minus one so they excel in communication saturation and collective team knowledge.
Snapshot deliveryeasy, flexible planningMake sure that everything that comes out of the build cycle is ready to release so that you effortlessly can deploy it.
Sprint goaldirect and align everyoneSet a clear goal for every sprint and only pull in work that helps reach that goal.
Stable teamsustain maximum results of human assetsEvolve stable, resilient, co-located, and multi-disciplinary development teams and let no one touch it.
Start what you finish and finish what you startget things doneWork the work flow from back to front and help promote items closest to the end of the flow and in your area of skill if at all possible. Focus on increasing liquidity.
Story splitterget many bite-szied chunks done doneSplit it into bite-sized chunks that each deliver value.
Strategic product ownermake product decisions with oversightSplit the single product owner into a strategic product owner and tactical product owner.
Tactical product ownermake product decisions close to the actionSplit the single product owner into a strategic product owner and tactical product owner.
Team chartercreate a container that facilitates self-organizationDocument a membrane as a container for self-organization
Teams that finish early accelerate fasterget hyperproductiveSlow down to speed up—create some slack time for process improvement by pulling in just a bit less than yesterday's weather.
Track done
Unique specific tasksget something done in an hour or twoSplit a work item into unique tasks specific to this work item.
User storybe crystal clear on what who wants and why so it can be build
Yesterday’s weathersuccessfully pull product backlog items into a sprint and get them donePull a little bit less, and certainly no more than the running average of the velocities of the last three sprints into the new sprint.

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Generated List of all Pearls

Accelerator list
Agile architect
Agile team dōjō
Ambiguity test
Ask for the moon
Babushka of value
Beauty of constraints
Belief statement
Blocker waiting room
Cruise missile
Customer segment pivot
Daily scrum of scrums
Daily standup
Decouple stages
Definition of done
Don’t just do something, stand there!
Five whys
Focus on focus off
Foreign glimpses
Goldilocks sizer
Habit of changing habits
Improvement board
Innovation accounting
Just say no
Ka-ching a day makes product owner hurray
Knowledge injection
Lazy finish
Learning milestone
Minimal viable product
One service deserves another
One team
Open space
Pair working
Physical information radiators
Product backlog
Product owner
Product portfolio
Product review meeting
Product vision
Product vision board
Ready to build
Reciprocal altruism
Refactor code
Relative estimation
Release burndown chart
Ritual dissent and assent... further results

  • deals with “competing backlogs”;
  • can be effectively carried out by merging the backlogs of different product offerings into a single backlog, and then perform backlog management on that single backlog (one backlog to rule them all);<ref name="larman vodde scaling practices" Craig Larman and Bas Vodde, Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum. Boston, MA, USA. Addison-Wesley, 2010.</ref>
  • uses epic-scale initiatives to express the portfolio vision in practice to guide forthcoming product releases;
  • delivers minimal marketable features in a steady flow;